Performa/Dance, cofounded in 2014 by Jennifer Hart and Edward Carr, is a project-based company in Austin, Texas. It’s mission is to nurture and support new, creative voices in contemporary dance, thereby enriching the local arts community and introducing audiences to the connective, transformative, and transcendent power of dance.

We are currently planning future projects launching as early as the summer of 2015, stay tuned for more information.


Thank you to all our Kickstarter supporters
who helped make IGNITE: Three Works a reality:

Andy Albright
Paul Michael & Anne Marie Bloodgood
Merle Boyd
Pei-San and Daniel Brown
Lili Cantu and Chris Maass
Sergio & Eva Capareda
David Carr & Anne Jane Gray
Lonnie Chunn & Ann Bupp
Christi Cuellar Lotz
Margo Davis
Lisa del Rosario
Benoit Egloff
Sam Feipel
Alyce Finwall
James Fuller
Claudia Garvey
Hollis & Robert Gaston
Mary Greene & Walter Cramer
Rosanne Gronseth
The Haas-Hood Family
Jessica Heilman
Sean & Tessa Henry
Katie Isaacs
Patrick & Karen Kane
Hannah Kinney
Jasmine Kostraba
Samuel Asher Kunzman
Paula & Iain (Adopted Britland family)
Claire Maurey

Jill and Tom Maurey
Julie Meder
Maggie Medford
Nan Merritt
Wendy Lou Nakao
Caryn Newburger
Peggy Patten & Todd Kinney
Christina Pesoli
Susan Pfeiffer
Randy Potts & Terri Thomas
Cindy & Paul Rank
Steve Redman
Edie Rogat & Cotter Cunningham
Ann & Michael Sahaida
Hector and G.G. Saravia
Abdo Sayegh
Barbara Shack
Pat Shingetsu Guzy
Lynne Short
Adrienne Soucy, MD
Eve Shulte
John Swanger
Tom Trigg
Marie Ulsh
Tiffany Walker
Elise Winters
Stephanie Pia Wonchala


Header photo by Oliver Endahl